Industry leader in technical ceramics, tungsten carbide and quartz

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Industry leader in technical ceramics, tungsten carbide and quartz

As a leading organization in the industry, C-Technology has an unparalleled amount of knowledge and experience when it comes to technical ceramics, tungsten carbide and quartz. We have been supporting ambitious organizations and individuals in the production of high-quality products for more than 15 years. Our complete service package ensures that we can facilitate the entire process for you. And because innovation and technology play a central role within our organization, we always guarantee the highest level of quality and products that you can literally continue to build on.

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We develop solutions for the following sectors:

Semiconductor Industry
Solar Energy
Medical Equipment
General Machinery
Metallurgical Industry
Furnace building

High-quality products require advanced materials

Under the influence of innovation and the resulting new products, the interpretation of quality is also constantly changing. This leads to stricter requirements and the need for intelligent technology to develop more advanced materials. Technical ceramics, tungsten carbide and quartz respond to this development and offer a future-proof solution where metals and plastics are no longer viable options.

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High voltage insulator
Medical Electron beam ans x-ray generators | Material problem solving
Wear resistance guide block
Paper recycling industry | Material choice in harsh condition environment

Focus on quality and the environment

Nowadays, the durability of materials plays an important role. Technical ceramics, tungsten carbide and quartz have a long lifespan and are easily recyclable. At C-Technology we value our environment. That goes a lot further than meeting required certifications and standards. We continue to invest in new technology with which we can optimize our processes in terms of quality, efficiency and environmental friendliness.

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